100 Days From The Garden

From Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

100 days of Seasonal Recipes and Eating from the Living Well Gardens with Bonus Harvest, Preservation, and Health Tips.

For centuries, people have lived, been nourished, and tied their livelihood to the cycles of seasons. Regardless of where you live, these seasons continue to come and go.

They bring bounty and excess, recycling of resources, and change. With that change, our bodies, needs, and even health and lifestyle change—but we’ve stopped paying attention.

Less than 100 years ago, people could only eat the things that were growing where they lived when they were in season or stored.

Now anyone can walk into a grocery store, 24/7, and buy a colorful array of produce and goods year-round—but where were those foods grown?…

How far did they travel to get to those shelves? 

What were they sprayed with or were they irradiated to help them arrive in that grocery store unblemished? We don’t know that we should be asking these questions, and we certainly don’t know the answers.

This information has been lost over the years as generations have passed on without passing on knowledge.

Join Dr. Michelle on a walk through the seasons on her Living Well Homestead, eating and cooking as the gardens provide.

Relearn the knowledge from our grandmothers that we have lost.

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“I love how it is loaded with information but also provided a monthly challenge that you can track your progress... I highly recommend this book to everyone!.”


“This is the best book on preparedness, it takes a large amount of information and compiles it into simple easy tasks... simple and complete steps anyone can understand.”


“The workbook... and practical application check lists are making this process so much more doable than before! I love it so much.”


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