Be Prepared, Not Scared

From Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

Have recent events left you feeling overwhelmed, worried, and scared? Do you feel unprepared for what might come next?

Get prepared, one step at a time!

That is what this proven 12 step program is all about – preparing for short and long-term emergencies and making it something everyone can do.

Dr. Michelle has used this program and information to help thousands of families gain confidence and security in facing the future.

This book makes complicated preparedness topics and breaks them down into simple and possible steps.

The program and book are designed to be completed over 12 months, however, you can take it at your own pace as you are able.

Checklists, instructions, explanations and links, and recommendations are here to make preparing something you CAN do.

Learn details and how-tos for Water and Food Storage, Growing Food and Cooking food in an emergency, Kits, and plans for evacuation and Sheltering in Place, Communications, First Aid, Heat and Light, and more.

This is a complete guide to preparedness that every family needs on their shelf to face the coming years and events.

Join Dr. Michelle as you make your way through 12 steps to preparing your family, life, and home for the future.

Book Testimonials

what our Readers are saying:

“I love how it is loaded with information but also provided a monthly challenge that you can track your progress... I highly recommend this book to everyone!.”


“This is the best book on preparedness, it takes a large amount of information and compiles it into simple easy tasks... simple and complete steps anyone can understand.”


“The workbook... and practical application check lists are making this process so much more doable than before! I love it so much.”


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