Living Well with Dr. Michelle Books

100 Days From The Garden

Join Dr. Michelle through the seasons on her Living Well Homestead, eating and cooking as the gardens provides.

Self-Sufficient Living Book

Self-Sufficient Living

A 12 step guide to help you gain security through learning to provide for yourself.

Be Prepared, Not Scared

A 12 steps guide to help you become prepared for short/long-term emergencies.

Healthy Mouth, Healthy You

Holistic dental guide to transforming your whole-body health starting in your mouth.

Digital Resources

Making Bread the Natural Way

Dr. Jorgensen has searched for methods to improve her health and share the knowledge she finds with others.

This book and video course share how to find out what you can do to improve your health through your “daily bread”.

Gardening Anywhere

In this all-new ebook by Dr. Michelle, she teaches that you CAN garden anywhere, anytime, and anyone.

The guide combines modern-day information with wisdom from ages past. Together we can learn to LIVE WELL.