Daily Dose with Dr. Greg Podcast Interview [VIDEO]

Daily dose with Dr Greg Podcast

In this podcast Dr. Greg speaks with Dr. Michelle about the importance of incorporating holistic and functional practices in both dentistry and oral health. They discuss how to heal teeth naturally, Dr. Michelle’s personal journey of healing from mercury exposure, hydroxyapatite over fluoride, the best products for oral health, and more!

The Complete Guide to Gut Health

the complete guide to gut health

In this article, I discuss gut health, the most common causes of gut health problems, and treatment options so you can feel better.

What is Hydroxyapatite Tooth Powder?


Have you heard of hydroxyapatite tooth powder? This article will explain what hydroxyapatite tooth powder is, how it works, and why you should consider using it.

How to Reverse Tooth Decay

How to Reverse Tooth Decay

Have you heard the claim that all dentists know how to reverse tooth decay, but have kept it a secret to continue making money off of unsuspecting patients?

If Fluoride Good For Your Teeth?

Fluoride is in toothpaste and sometimes in the drinking water – but is it actually good for your teeth? We’ll discuss in this article.

Medicinal Weeds?

Have you ever thought that weeds could be medicinal? Probably not, but let me tell you about some interesting things I’ve been learning!