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Day 10: Cooking and Preserving in an Emergency

The 10th Day of Preparedness: Cooking and Preserving in an Emergency
A big part of our holiday festivities is food. And I don’t think we are the only ones! 
Everyone has their traditional holiday foods and new ones they want to try.
This year we cured and smoked our own Christmas ham.  It turned out amazing, even in our rigged up smoker, and was remade into one of my favorites – ham and bean soup for dinner last night.
Cooking is something that brings comfort, familiarity, and of course, nutrition
All of those are things we will want in any type of emergency. That is why Chapter 10 is all about cooking and preserving in an emergency. 
It’s great to have stored food, but if you can’t cook it, or don’t know what to do with it in an emergency, it’s much less useful.
I lovingly called this chapter “the beast” because it is chock full of so much good information!

Chapter 10 - Cooking and Preserving in an Emergency

In this chapter, I cover alternative cooking options if the power goes out, how to store food without a refrigerator, how to preserve food without power, and so much more.
I’ve also included information on how to handle wheat -with and without a wheat grinder, and how to use your long-term stored foods including essential recipes.
Have you thought about cooking implements that you would need if cooking over a fire, with a dutch oven, or over your wood stove? I have! I’ve included recommendations as well as inexpensive places to purchase them. 
I’ve had people ask why I’m sending all of these emails…why I’m doing this over the Christmas break…and other questions about this Be Prepared, Not Scared program. 
 It’s really very simple. 
The world is a crazy place right now and I feel pushed to help you prepare. I want you to be able to have the tools, the information, and the help to get prepared in 2021.  
Do you need the book?
Of course not! 
Will it help?   
A resounding YES! 
It is a way to organize, maximize, and make your efforts and money go further.
So join me for the FREE Be Prepared, Not Scared Launch on December 30th HERE and buy your book HERE
To preparing!
Dr. Michelle


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  1. I really appreciate you doing this. I, like most people, feel like food storage is a huge task. This book is the answer to the question “where do I start”. Thanks again for being inspired to do this work and help us out! ?

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