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Day 11: Clothing in an Emergency

The 11th Day of Preparedness: Clothing in an Emergency
Today is the 11th Day of Preparedness. We are almost to the Book Launch Event
I am getting excited about what I’m planning to share, and am excited about the feedback coming from the book so far! 

What people are saying: 

“I really appreciate you doing this. I, like most people, feel like food storage is a huge task. This book is the answer to the question “where do I start”. Thanks again for being inspired to do this work and help us out!”
Marko G.
“I purchased several copies of the book and gave them for Christmas gifts…everyone loved it!!”
Anna C.
That’s really the reason I’m doing all of this – to give you a starting point and a push in the right direction. But here’s the great part – I’m also going to hold your hand along the journey!
The 11th Day of Preparedness and the 11th Chapter of Be Prepared, Not Scared is about Clothing in an Emergency.
This might sound like a “fluff” chapter, but it’s full of great info about what clothing to have on hand, how to layer for warmth and protection, and where to get these items.
My #1 recommendation in this book is to get most of the clothing on this list from a Thrift Store. 
This is one of my secret loves! I love the adventure of the search and the exhilaration of finding a steal of a deal! You can find most of the layers of clothing you need for pennies on the dollar at a thrift store.  
Pay attention to the special clothing needs for children as well. 
You don’t want to get caught like I was with a 72 hour kit for my daughter that had diapers in it…and she was 10! Make sure you store clothing in multiple sizes to allow for growth. Again, thrift stores are the only way to do this economically.

Chapter 11 - Clothing in an Emergency

From Chapter 11: 

Emergency Clothing

You can live a week in the same clothes if needed but clothes fulfill some important needs in a disaster:

  • Privacy and modesty – they will still be important to us in a disaster
  • Cleanliness— keeping the body away from harmful germs and bacteria
  • Safety— protecting the body from cuts and infection
  • Comfort— wet clothing or being too cold or hot will make emergency situ- ations worse
  • Warmth and maintaining body temperature— staying warm or cool is easier than getting warm after being cold or cooling off after being too hot
  • Maintaining a familiar routine— this will help with how we deal with emergencies
  • Confidence— having some change of clothing helps you feel better about yourself
Make sure to sign up for the book launch event here and purchase your book here.
We also got a great question about the book from Isabel:
“Hi Michelle,
I am so excited about your book.
Do you sell hard copies too? I am old fashioned and I need to hold a good book in my hands to read. That is how I enjoy reading best.
Wishing you all the best on your book launching.
The answer is YES! 
The book is available on Kindle and in a hard copy. Buy it today to be ready to hit the preparedness trail in January!
To preparedness,
Dr. Michelle 


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