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Day 5: Emergency Kits

The 5th Day of Preparedness: Emergency Kits

In the 5th Chapter of Be Prepared, Not Scared, I debunk a preparedness myth. All I’d ever heard about emergency preparedness centered around Food Storage and 72-hour kits. 
I figured they were the Holy Grail of Preparing!   
As I studied, I found this to be a myth. The intro to Chapter 5 tells the story well:

Chapter 5 - Emergency Kits

From Chapter 5:

When I started working on preparing my home and family for an emergency, everyone said to start with 72-hour kits. That seemed to make sense. That was a kit that would help you get through the first 72-hours after an emergency. But as I continued to research, I found that while important, that wasn’t the first thing I should work on, and that’s why it’s all the way down in chapter 5!

So why isn’t the 72-hour kit first on the list? A 72-hour kit is also called a Grab-and-Go kit—something you take with you when you leave your home if you need to evacuate. A lot of emergencies don’t require us to evacuate our homes. Winter storms, other natural disasters, civil unrest, food supply shortages, power outages, loss of employment and sickness and quarantine – these are all examples of emergencies where we would stay in our homes, not leave. So a 72-hour kit is useful, but not needed for every emergency.

There are other kits that are good to prepare for use every-day. What
if a bad winter storm came up while you were running errands on a typical day. Would you have what you need to make it home already in your car? What if you are driving during an earthquake. Do you know what to do, and do you have supplies to last a few days if it takes you that long to get home? These are some examples of times a 72-hour kit wouldn’t be used, but another kit would. In this chapter, we are going to discuss the kits you should make for every-day possibilities, as well as evacuations.

I encourage you to spend some time here. Daily preparation for your entire family brings an immense peace of mind! 

In this jam-packed chapter, I am going to share lists and instructions for four types of kits you need to make, as well as instructions for evacuation lists, links for places to get the important items, and how to put the kits together. 
Yes, 72-hour kits are on the list, but three other kits and the evacuation list may be even more important.
Make sure to buy the book now so you can hit the ground running in January. 
Thank you for allowing me to come on your journey with you!
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