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Day 6: Preparing Your Home

The 6th Day of Preparedness: Preparing Your Home
While you are spending some extra time at home over the next few weeks, it would be a great time to look around your home and determine whether your HOME is PREPARED.
What does preparing your home mean? 
In Chapter 6 of Be Prepared, Not Scared, I talk about Shelter in an Emergency and Preparing your home.  This covers everything from how to secure items in your home, where to place things in your home for use during an emergency, and even how to make sure your home is safe after an emergency.
I’ve included tips and tricks for shutting off your utilities, and instructions you can tape on your utility boxes. 
I also cover how to create a safe room for a shelter in place order.
These are not difficult things to do, but without some forethought, you will not have the supplies, knowledge, and skills you need to if and when an emergency arises.
So order the book now
Get it on Kindle if you want it today, and work with your family to get prepared!

Chapter 6 - Preparing Your Home

From Chapter 6:

We all know that once an emergency is here, the time for preparation has passed. The tricky part about preparation is that we don’t know exactly what it is we are preparing for.

We may be faced with a natural disaster, a medical emergency in our home, a civil war, a prolonged power outage from an EMP… All of these scenarios are different, but there are needs that are similar amongst all of them. Those are the things the best preparedness plan addresses. 

Make sure to buy the book now so you can hit the ground running in January. 
Thank you for allowing me to come on your journey with you!
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