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Day 8: First Aid in an Emergency

The 8th Day of Preparedness: First Aid in an Emergency

Merry Christmas to those that celebrate this special holiday!

Everyone has traditions they look forward to, and our family has a few unique ones. Each of the kids gets four presents – Something they Want, Something they Need, Something to Share, and Something to Read.  

Because opening four presents can happen fairly quickly, a few years ago I started doing a treasure hunt along with the gift opening to stretch it out and make it more fun.

Now, this is a fun tradition the kids always look forward to. 

This year I mixed it up a bit by adding in “Reindeer Games” along with the hunt.  It was a blast, and we all had so much fun we needed a nap!

Thankfully everyone came out unscathed, even while racing around the house trying to find the next clue. 

If we did have a minor accident, Chapter 8 would have been just the chapter to help!

The 8th Chapter in Be Prepared, Not Scared is all about First Aid in an Emergency. 

I’ve also included instructions for a regular first aid kit, an herbal first aid kit, and an Essential Oils first aid kit. I’m a big believer in staying healthy, so I cover that some as well.  

If an emergency were to occur, hospitals and other health care facilities will fill up within a very short time, and we will need to care for our own minor first aid and health needs.

Chapter 8 - First Aid in an Emergency

From Chapter 8:

People have been taking care of medical needs since the dawn of time, and long before the advent of modern medicine. They used what they found in the world around them as their medicine, and that medicine is still here today. We have forgotten how to use this medicine, but in times of emergency, those are some of the best medicines to have stored and use. The key is learning to use them before you are in an emergency situation.

I will give you guides for a traditional first aid kit as well as an herbal first aid kit and an essential oils first aid kit. If you’re able, having some of all of them on hand will be the best way to prepare.

Can you see why you need this book?!?  Make sure to buy it HERE and join me for the Book Launch event HERE.


Have a wonderful holiday!

Dr. Michelle


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  1. Hi Michelle,
    I am so excited about your book.
    Do you sell hard copies too? I am old fashioned and I need to hold a good book in my hands to read. That is how I enjoy reading best.
    Wishing you all the best on your book launching.

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