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Day 9: Sanitation in an Emergency

The 9th Day of Preparedness: Sanitation in an Emergency

I hope your holiday season is relaxing and allowing you to recharge some. I always spend some time at the end of the year planning what I’m going to focus on in the new year.

Have you added “Preparing” to your TO DO list for 2021?

I hope so. If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that we can’t predict the future and we need to be prepared for whatever the world brings. I don’t think we are done with the CRAZY yet…

Chapter 9 of Be Prepared, Not Scared is not the most exciting chapter. It covers Sanitation in an Emergency. 

However, if you don’t handle your sanitation needs properly, your life will get exciting very quickly

Improperly disposed of waste can lead to disease and even death.  How is that for excitement?!

We are very used to flushing our toilets, draining our sinks, using our automatic washers, and putting our garbage cans out on the street to be emptied. 

We don’t HAVE to think about our waste. In an emergency, those services will quickly disappear, so some forethought and preparation in this area could be lifesaving.

Chapter 9 - Sanitation in an Emergency

From Chapter 9:

When I say Emergency Sanitation as part of your emergency preparedness plan, what comes to mind? Do you think about how you will keep germs and disease from spreading if you are without running water? Maybe your first worry is about what to do with human waste with all its smells and disposal concerns. Or maybe you are thinking – I haven’t given this any thought at all! Your emergency preparedness activities should include supplies and knowledge about the ways to keep germs, bacteria and viruses away and keep your family safe and healthy. 

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Now go put your feet up and relax!
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