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Feed Your Family

Find out how to grow and preserve 80% of the food needed to feed your family!

Bucket List Trip!

My family and I had a bucket list trip this last weekend. 

We traveled to the Grand Canyon and my husband, sons, daughter-in-law, father, and brothers hiked the rim to rim trail. 

It’s a grueling 23 miles down the North rim, across the scorching hot canyon, and back up the south rim.  They made it in good time, but were very beat by the end!  

I was the shuttle driver- a better role for my current level of fitness!  We made a trip out of it and spent a few days enjoying the canyon and the surrounding area. 

With Covid and with a large family, we often bring our own food and eat out only occasionally.  We brought a cooler and two large bins of food, carefully chosen for two reasons: 

  1. We needed food that would fuel our bodies.
  2. We needed food that was easily cooked from the back of a truck.


These two things are hard to achieve at the same time! 

I worked hard to plan meals, and I think we did well. 

Homemade sourdough bread, home canned meats, and fruits and pickles. 

It all fit the bill well, but I sure missed my fresh vegetables!  

I Love My Garden!

It’s amazing how accustomed we are to having a meal full of vegetables, and our bodies missed them. I was glad to get back to my garden and wondered if it got touched by the frost. 

The cucumbers and squash are a little frostbitten, but everything else survived for at least a few more days. 

The hard frost will come…and my garden will continue feeding my family. 


Two reasons:

  1. Year-round gardening and 
  2. The food I preserved from the garden this year that will be used all winter


I feel confident that my family will be fed, and fed well, regardless of what happens in the world around us. 

Would you like that same confidence? Knowing that you can feed your family…

Please join me this Saturday at my Family Food Security Class.  

Learn How to Feed Your Family

What is this class all about?

Are you worried about putting food on the table in this new world?

Would you like to KNOW how to grow, preserve, store, and prepare most of the food your family will need during any time?

Join Dr. Michelle as she teaches you what you need to know to confidently care for your family’s food needs.

Check out what the last class was like in this post.

Included in this action and information-packed workshop: 

  • Gardening from the soil up
  • Ground prep, watering, what to grow, organic fertilizer, and pest control
  • Year-round food production- how to plant, grow, and harvest food year-round
  • Food preserving – canning, freezing, drying, fermenting, and cold storage
  • Food sourcing – where to find free or inexpensive food in your communities
  • Food preparation – how to make healthy food that tastes great, using your harvest
  • What you will need to buy – and where to get it out of the commercial food supply

What is included:

  • Tour of the Living Well Homestead
  • Personal Living Well Food Security training by Dr. Michelle Jorgensen
  • A How to Grow and Preserve 80% of Your Own Food Manual
  • Heirlooms seeds and instructions for seed saving
  • Sourdough sample and starter and instructions for sourdough bread making
  • Vegetable Ferment samples and instructions for fermenting
  • Jorgensen’s Healthy Family Recipe book
  • And more..! 

Join us for this very important and timely event and gain the confidence you need to feed your family regardless of what happens in our world.

Limited seating so sign up quickly!

Sign up here.

Can’t wait to see you there!  

Dr. Michelle


Who Am I?


Join me on my journey!

My journey to healthy food, self-reliance, traditional arts, better healthcare, improved mood, better relationships, and more…

Join me on my journey to Live Well!

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Dr. Michelle Jorgensen, DDS, TNC, CNAS is a practicing holistic dentist, Traditional Naturopathic doctor, author, blogger, and video creator on all topics related to Natural Health, Self-Reliance and Living Well.

She has a large garden and orchard, raises farm animals, grows and preserves her own food, makes dinner for up to nine people each night and runs a thriving health-based dental and wellness practice.

Dr. Jorgensen has a knack for taking information that seems out of place in today’s world, and making it work to improve lives. In addition, she has a large network of friends and associates that are “Living Well” that she can’t wait to introduce to the world.

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