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Food Security

Birthday Party!

We had a birthday party this weekend- but not the kind you typically think of!

It was the birthday of Living Well with Dr. Michelle.

This has been a dream of mine for many years. I have such an interesting mixture of knowledge and experience in a lot of different areas – everything from gardening to shopping in thrift stores to family canning parties. 

I’ve felt “called” to teach these quickly disappearing arts to anyone and everyone that wants to learn.

That’s what Living Well with Dr. Michelle is all about. Bringing the latest and greatest from the worlds of science and learning together with the wisdom of ages past.  

For the birthday, I held a class titled “How to grow and produce 80% of your own food” Food Security class. 

We highlighted gardening – anywhere, anytime; Storing what you grow and what you buy; and making your own staples, especially Natural Yeast (Sourdough) Bread.

Food Security

I have had lots of people talk to me recently about the anxiety and stress they feel during these times. We have anxiety for our health, for the economy, and many other things.

A great way to relieve that stress is to create a feeling of security in areas of your life, and food is always going to be a basic necessity. 

How would you feel knowing you can provide 80% of your family’s food needs…on less than 1 acre of land??

I can tell you that the 40 people who came to my home Saturday feel much more confident and secure.

They were raving about all they learned, so I knew we had to do it again!

The class was packed full of information and hands-on learning, including a tour of the Living Well Homestead and all the places we have “hidden” food in what looks like traditional landscaping.

The next class will be next month, but I think you should sign up quickly because it WILL fill up.  

Do you want to learn more about the class? Click below.

Here is the event information:

Class: Grow and Preserve 80% of Your Own Food – Food Security Class

When: Saturday, October 24th 

Time: 1-4 pm

Where: Living Well Homestead – Pleasant Grove, Ut

Sign Up: Eventbrite signup HERE

I hope to see you at the course next month – enjoy some pics of the class below

See you soon!

Dr. Michelle


Who Am I?


Join me on my journey!

My journey to healthy food, self-reliance, traditional arts, better healthcare, improved mood, better relationships, and more…

Join me on my journey to Live Well!

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Dr. Michelle Jorgensen, DDS, TNC, CNAS is a practicing holistic dentist, Traditional Naturopathic doctor, author, blogger, and video creator on all topics related to Natural Health, Self-Reliance and Living Well.

She has a large garden and orchard, raises farm animals, grows and preserves her own food, makes dinner for up to nine people each night and runs a thriving health-based dental and wellness practice.

Dr. Jorgensen has a knack for taking information that seems out of place in today’s world, and making it work to improve lives. In addition, she has a large network of friends and associates that are “Living Well” that she can’t wait to introduce to the world.

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