Green Papaya Salad “Som Tum”

Green Papaya Salad is a very common street food now found in Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand.

Originally, it became popular in Northeastern Thailand and Laos, and its original name literally meant “pounded papaya”.  

The common method of making this dish is to take unripe green papaya, shred it, and pound it in a mortar with lime, chiles, and other flavors.

Most of us are probably used to eating ripe papaya, but green papaya has great benefits such as fiber for digestive health, immune-boosting compounds, and anti-inflammatory effects. 

My family learned about green papaya salad after my youngest brother returned home from living in Thailand for two years.

He introduced us to many staples of Thai cuisine, but my family all loved the green papaya salad.

Now, we make it all the time in our house and even purchased a real mortar and pestle to make authentic “Tom Sum” or green papaya salad. 

Do you want to try green papaya salad or “Som Tum” now??

Well, you are in luck because I have prepared a full PDF to guide you through exactly how to make delicious and authentic green papaya salad! Download it below…

Enjoy the green papaya salad!

-Dr. Michelle


My name is Dr. Michelle Jorgensen. I know how important food for helping you live well! That’s why I am dedicated to providing delicious and nutritious recipes for you!

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