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How to Garden Anywhere, Anytime, for Anyone

I love to garden…

And I think that Gardening is for everyone… 

…which is why I want to tell you how to garden anywhere and anytime!

I think what I love most is the ability to take a seed and turn it into something that feeds my family . . . that is truly a miracle!

People often say things like:

“You just have a green thumb….”


“Gardens just don’t work out for me.” 

They are missing the point of gardening…

Gardening is not a matter of luck or genetics or wrangling Mother Nature to work against what she wants to do. 

It’s learning the simple rules that nature follows, and helping plants grow. 

I want to teach you those simple rules…

…so you can experience the miracle of feeding your family from a simple seed as well

Let’s get started!

Who Can Have a Garden? Anyone!

Now some people may have read the top of this blog and then closed out immediately thinking that gardening isn’t possible for them…

This could be for a number of reasons including:

  • They don’t think they have enough time
  • They don’t think they have enough space
  • They live in an apartment or someplace with no yard
  • They don’t feel like they have money to invest in a garden

These are all legitimate concerns…

…and ones that I have also struggled with at different times in my life.

So I want to help you understand that if you want, you can grow a small garden with hardly any time or effort.

I can give also you some tips on how to get creative with a garden like…

  • How to use walls
  • How to grow out of containers
  • How to grow ornamental plants

…and trees that also produce food.

How I can teach you how to garden?

I’m sure you want to know the answers to some of the things I was talking about above… 

I also want to teach you about the differences between an organic garden and a conventional garden!

I want to help you know what seeds to buy, how to plan out your garden, and what food to grow…

…and you may also be interested in composting and the amazing benefits it has in gardening! 

The Living Well Homestead
A picture of my garden today - the Living Well Homestead

There are so many things I have learned by reading dozens of books on the subject and years of trial and error! 

However, this information is detailed…

…and I can’t fit it all into one blog!

In fact, it would probably take several blogs to answer all your questions about gardening! 

So I have done two things to help you:

First, I have created a gardening guide to give you some basic information and tips about gardening! 

This guide is free to download right now!

However, even with a guide, there are so many things left unanswered!

I just touch on some of the basics…

So I have also written an eBook about gardening!

This EBook, “Gardening Anywhere, Anytime, for Anyone” is packed full of practical information and should answer many of your questions. 

I tried to keep it short but detailed…

…so you can immediately start applying these things in your garden! 

In this eBook, I cover the following topics…

  • Where to put your garden
  • Essential gardening tools
  • Why grow organically and how to do it?
  • How to prepare your soil
  • How to make compost
  • What to plant
  • Where to buy seeds and starts
  • When to plan and how to plant
  • Watering instructions
  • Crop rotation
  • Natural pest control
  • Garden bed construction
  • Healthy foods for hard time


Check out this eBook and come join me on a garden journey!