Mouth Rinse Coming This Week!

The Living Well Life Newsletter - 5/24/23

Mouth rinse Coming This Week!

I have worked for months to get a mouth rinse to you that you can feel good about using.  Check out the info below to learn what’s in this rinse and why.  Basically, it’s the only rinse you’re going to want to use from now on! 
Remeralizing Mouthwash - Mint
Cool Mint Mouth Spray - Living Well with Dr Michelle

Discover the power of Dr. Michelle’s fluoride-free mouthwash with hydroxyapatite and silver , as well as healing herbs for better tooth, gum and mouth health.   Natural ingredients target bad bacteria, help with dry mouth, protect teeth from cavities, heal gums, prevent gum disease and more! 

A Healthier Mouthwash Without Any Harmful Chemicals, Alcohol or Negative Side Effects

Precision-targeted benefits for fresher breath and stronger, healthier teeth and gums. This all-natural mouthwash contains

  • 10 ppm Silver Soltuion
  • Hydroxyapatite
  • Xylitol
  • Plantain Extract
  • Calendula Extract
  • Marshmallow Extract
  • Lavender Oil
  • Peppermint Oil (in Mint formula only)
  • Wild Orange Oil (in Citrus formula only)
  • Tangerine Oil (in Citrus formula only)
  • Vanilla Extract (in Citrus formula only)
Watch my video below to learn how we get this rinse to you, and order on my site starting Thursday, May 25th.  Don’t wait!  The first 50 orders will get a free breath spray and I think we will sell out quickly!

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Sleep Apnea may make you more likely to get Cancer!

Just in, there was a big study that looked at all the research connecting sleep apnea and cancer. 
Surprisingly, there are 22 studies that talk about just this.  They showed two staggering facts:
  • Nearly half (46%) of cancer patients were found to have Sleep Apnea!
  • People with Sleep Apnea were about 1.53 times more likely to develop cancer than folks without Sleep Apnea.
That’s scary because in my office we find a large (60-70%) of people have some degree of sleep apnea and most are undiagnosed.
Watch this VIDEO to find out why this connection is there and visit Total Care Dental to find out what to do about it!