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Essential Tools For Gardening Success

Take advantage of these indispensable gardening resources and maximize your chances of success!

This special bundle includes a comprehensive online course taught by Dr. Michelle plus her eBook that will give you a headstart on your gardening journey. Don’t miss out on this opportunity — get started today!

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2 Content-Packed Gardening Resources!

Unlock Faster Results and Avoid Common Mistakes with This Comprehensive Gardening Training



The Gardening Through the Seasons Masterclass (A $397 Value)



100 Days From the Garden eBook (A $14 Value)

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Gardening Resource #1: The Gardening Through the Seasons Masterclass (Regularly Priced $397)

Gardening Resource #2: 100 Day From the Garden eBook
(Regularly Priced $14)

100 Days From the Garden eBook

Combined Regular Price: $411

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Unlock the Secrets of Gardening Throughout the Year...

With the Gardening Through the Seasons Masterclass

Are you eager to start gardening but don’t know where to begin? Our Gardening Through the Seasons Masterclass provides an expansive foundation for aspiring gardeners. Through this course, you will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to grow a thriving garden that is enjoyable all year round for beginner to advanced levels.

Lesson 1

Garden Planing & Design

Discover the Crucial Design Elements Required to Unlock the Perfect Garden

Lesson 2

Seed Starting Indoors

Give Your Garden a Head Start Every Year—Learn How to Get Started Early With Seed Starting Indoors

Lesson 3

Spring Gardening

Prepare Yourself for the Most Important Time of Year: Spring Gardening!

Lesson 4

Summer Gardening & Food Security

Learn the Techniques Required to Maximize Your Summer Harvests!

Lesson 5

Health & Harvest

Uncover the Potential in Your Backyard – Discover the Health and Nutritional Benefits of Your Garden

Lesson 6

Medicinal Gardening

Learn Which Plants Are Medicines and How To Use Home-Grown Produce to Treat Your Ailments

Lesson 7

Herbal Remedies

Unlock Nature’s Secrets – Explore How to Utilize Home-Grown Produce & Harness the Power of Nature’s Cures

Lesson 8

Fall & Winter Gardening

Extending Your Growing Season – Discover How to Keep Gardening Into the Fall and Winter

Lesson 9

Produce Preservation

Find Out How You Can Stop Your Produce from Going Bad and Enjoy it Year Round!

Lesson 10

Seed Saving

Preparations for the Future -Preserve Your Seeds Now and Start the Cycle All Over Again Next Year!

Lesson 11

BONUS: Backyard Chickens

Learn How to Raise Your Own Chickens and Get Fresh, Delicious Eggs Without Going to the Store!

Lesson 12

Bonus: Sourdough Bread-Making

Discover How You Can Create Delicious and Healthy Sourdough Bread at Home!

Lesson 13

Bonus: Gluten-Free Sourdough Bread-Making

Gluten-Free Magic – Learn How to Make Delicious and Nutritious Sourdough Bread Without the Use of Any Gluten!

Ready To Get a Jumpstart On Your Gardening Journey?

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Just $97! (Save 76%)

Cut Out the Guesswork of Gardening and Leverage Dr. Michelle's Experience to Your Benefit

It All Begins With a Seed

Gardening brings something extra special—the feeling of freedom knowing your family has the ability to provide for themselves. And I’m a firm believer that every family should have this skill not only for their current enjoyment, but also for assurance in their future.

I found out firsthand just how beneficial gardening could be when I was trying to get my health back in order. I reached out to a mentor who gave me advice on ways to use fresh produce from my own garden as medicine. Eventually, she even held a class in my home where she used my produce to teach us all about taking care of our bodies and families with what we had right outside our doors!

Gain Knowledge From My Successes and Failures Alike!

Gardening is not always easy and there’s definitely an adjustment period that everyone goes through while figuring it out.  My greatest failure came during what I now fondly refer to as the “not even radishes” year because nothing grew, not even radish seeds!

I had sourced this special mix of soil, which ended up being costly and unsuccessful despite all my efforts. No one starved thankfully, but it was still a major setback.

That’s why I want others to avoid making the same costly mistakes I made—and so I created the Gardens Through the Seasons Masterclass!

Michelle in the garden 2

Ready To Get a Jumpstart On Your Gardening Journey?

Get Instant Access TODAY For:

Just $97.00

Frequently Asked Questions:

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This course is tailored for everyone from gardening novices to seasoned veterans looking for extra expertise!

Whether you’re an amateur or a master of the craft, there’s something here everybody!

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