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Improve Your Dental AND Overall Health . . . and Avoid Cavities For Life!

In this Masterclass you’ll learn how to heal and remineralize your teeth, correctly  fix past dental problems, find a holistic dental provider near you…

…and prevent cavities for life!

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The Public Needs to Know About Holistic Dentistry...

I’ve been practicing holistic and biologic dentistry in my practice for over 15 years…. 

I’ve seen first-hand the benefits of biologic dentistry and how much it can benefit my patients.

Since I’ve discovered a better way to approach dentistry, I’ve tried to let as many people know about it as possible…

  • I’ve lectured at conferences to other dental providers

  • I’ve taught and coached groups of health care professionals from across the country

  • I’ve given in-office lectures and seminars in my own practice in Utah


I realize that most won’t be able to attend my lectures or come to my office to learn first-hand…

…and that’s why I created this course.

I want to help educate EVERYONE about the benefits of biologic and holistic dentistry and how it can improve their health…. 

…and now you can get the same education I present at my lectures and seminars from anywhere you live!

In this course I have over 2 and a half hours of information where I go over everything you need to know about…

  • Improving your oral health and remineralizing your teeth

  • Fixing any past dental problems 

  • Finding a holistic dental provider near you


…and preventing cavities for life!


Healthy Mouth, Healthy You Masterclass

Here’s what you get when you claim your access to the Healthy Mouth, Healthy You Masterclass today…

  • 11 Modules with On-Demand Learning With Over 2.5 Hours of Video – The Healthy Mouth Healthy You Masterclass is a 11-Module, 32-lesson course that teaches you how to prevent tooth decay naturally and the healthiest way to fix any past dental problems you may have…without compromising your overall health in the process!


  • Module Review Sheets With Action Items – Improving your dental and overall health doesn’t happen overnight.  Dr. Michelle shows you step-by-step what you can begin doing today to improve. Each module comes with a review sheet and an action item list that you can begin working on right away.


  • The Holistic Dental Checklist – Learn how to find the right dental provider for you and your family with our doctor checklist.


  • The Baking Soda Test – Use this simple test at home to determine your stomach’s acidity and find out if it’s affecting your dental health.


  • Product Guides and Tooth Remineralization Protocols – Find out what products Dr. Michelle uses herself and in her dental practice and find out the best way you can remineralize your teeth and avoid cavities for life!

Regularly $397

Today Just $97 (Save 75%)


Improve Your Dental and Overall Health and Avoid Cavities For Life

The Healthy Mouth, Healthy You Masterclass is an 11-module, 32-lesson course that teaches you the EXACT procedures Dr. Michelle uses in her own practice to heal teeth, repair past dental problems, avoid unhealthy dental practices, and avoid future cavities.

Course Content

Module 1

What is a Holistic Dentist?

  1. Why You NEED to Demand a Better Health Care Experience
  2. Checklist to Find a Dentist That Can ACTUALLY Help You

Module 2

What Are Teeth Made Of?

  1. What are the components of teeth?
  2. What are the building blocks that our body needs to repair and heal the teeth?

Module 3

What Causes Cavities? The Three Theories

  1. What ACTUALLY causes cavities?
  2. What can be done to prevent cavities based on these three theories?

Module 4

Clean the Outside

  1. How to Properly Clean Your Teeth and Gums
  2. What Toothbrush and Dental Products You’ll Actually Need

Module 5

Nourish the Inside

  1. Which vitamins can help prevent tooth decay
  2. How dairy, grains, and other foods affect your dental health
  3. How to test your stomach acid pH and how that can be hurting your dental health

Module 6

Clean Up Past Problems

  1. What dental procedures should you avoid?
  2. Mercury fillings, root canals, and wisdom teeth extraction . . . find out how to correct past dental problems and regain your health

Module 7

Fix the Mouth to Heal the Body

  1. Biomimetic dentistry and ozone treatments
  2. Zirconia Implants
  3. Dental Revisions

Module 8

The Gum and Overall Health

  1. Gum disease and the link to your overall health
  2. Treatments for gum disease
  3. Bite and TMJ problems

Module 9

Heal What’s Possible

  1. How to remineralize and heal teeth
  2. Acid and pH Levels

Module 10

Protect Your Body and Health

  1. Should you use fluroide?
  2. Teeth and the Shared Energy Lines – what you should know

Module 11

Improve Your Smile

  1. Natural Whitening
  2. Professional Whitening and Veneers
  3. Activated Charcoal

Ready To Get Your Best Dental Health Ever?

Today Just $97 (Save 75%)

Regularly $397

What If You Could Learn How to Prevent Dental Problems Rather Than Just Fixing Them After the Damage is Done?

So many people get tooth decay and gum disease. 

You’d think that with all the information we have about tooth health and easy access to dental care, this wouldn’t be such an issue…

But the problem with traditional dentistry is that it focuses more on fixing dental problems  . . . rather than teaching patients how to prevent them in the first place.

My goal is to help you NEVER get a cavity again!

On top of that . . . traditional dentistry uses dental treatments that repair the teeth but don’t always take into account the effect that dental treatment will have on the rest of your body.

Let me show you how you can heal your teeth, fix any dental issues you may have, AND improve your overall health in the process!

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We’re so confident that you’re going to love the information you receive from this masterclass that we’ll let you have access to it for a full 30 days with a 100% money-back guarantee. If within 30 days, you can’t genuinely say that you found the information helpful, you will be entitled to a full refund.


Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen is an author, speaker, teacher, biologic/holistic dentist, and health and wellness, provider. After practicing traditional dentistry for 10 years, Michelle became very sick.

Through her own path to return to health, she discovered she had mercury poisoning from drilling out mercury fillings for her patients. This path lead her to discover ways to improve her family’s and her own health in all facets of life.

Michelle is a Functional Integrative Dentist (DDS) and a Board Certified Traditional Naturopath(BCTN). She has received certifications as a Therapeutic Nutritional Counselor(TNC) and a Certified Nutritional Autoimmune Specialist(CNAS).

She is constantly pursuing training in health-based dentistry, plant based medicine, organic gardening and more from institutions around the world.

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