100 Days From the Garden



100 Days of Seasonal Recipes and Eating from the Living Well Gardens with Bonus Harvest, Preservation, and Health Tips

For centuries, people have lived, been nourished, and tied their livelihood to the cycles of seasons. Regardless of where you live, these seasons continue to come and go. They bring bounty and excess, recycling of resources, and change. With that change, our bodies, needs, and even health and lifestyle change—but we’ve stopped paying attention.

Relearn how food really works with 100 recipes made from food grown in my garden.

We have incredible blessings and bounty today, but we need to marry that bounty and convenience with the knowledge from our grandmothers that we have lost.

We need to RELEARN:

  • How food really works in our body
  • How the seasons affect our health
  • How to prepare those seasonal foods so they are delicious and full of goodness

This is what this book is all about. Eating with the seasons, cooking delicious food, and understanding what you should eat and when for your optimal health.