After Antibiotic Rebuild Kit (Gut Health & Gut Rebuild)



The After Antibiotic Rebuild Kit is comprised of two different supplements: Gut Health & Gut Rebuild

Gut Health – Ideal for preserving and maintaining your gut health by killing the bad microbes in the gut.

Antibiotic use, stress, traveling, and poor nutrition can all lead to disrupting the proper balance of microorganisms in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. In order to have good GI health it’s crucial to restore balance…

…and that’s exactly what the Gut Health supplement was designed to do.

Gut Health is made of a nonpathogenic yeast, Saccharomyces boulardi.  This yeast possesses probiotic activity that:

  • Strengthens the wall of the GI tract
  • Prevents overgrowths of viruses, fungi, and other bad microbes in the gut
  • Allows the good microbes in your gut to colonize and restore balance

This supplement is especially ideal for people who frequently take antibiotics (or those who have in the past). It’s also great for those experiencing travelers diarrhea or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms.

Gut Rebuild – Recolonizes good microbes and boosts immunity.

You probably heard about the benefits of probiotics but you may realize that…

…most probiotics on the market are a waste of money.

Stomach acid kills most bacteria, including probiotics, as soon as it reaches your stomach. This completely eliminates any benefit promised by the probiotic.

Gut Rebuild is a dairy-free probiotic made of some of the most highly-researched, robust probiotic strains on the market – and these probiotic strains are capable of surviving past the stomach acid and harsh journey to the intestines.

Gut Rebuild is a probiotic that ACTUALLY works.

Gut Health and Gut Rebuild work beautifully together for those suffering from GI distress because:

  • Gut Health selectively kills the bad microbes in the gut
  • Gut Rebuild helps to recolonize the gut with beneficial microbes to restore balance and health

These are my go-to supplements for patients who struggle with GI disorders and are wanting a natural, non-pharmaceutical way, to restore gut balance and by fixing the problem…

…rather than just treating their symptoms.