From Seed to Table: Dr. Michelle's Ultimate Gardening Design Workshop

Discover the Secrets to Designing Your Dream Garden and Watch Your Landscape Flourish

Watch the Replay of Dr. Michelle's Gardening Design Workshop! This Was Our Most Popular Live Event So Far This Year!

Design Your Dream Garden

Personalize your garden plan for a beautiful, functional outdoor space

Master Soil Health

Learn essential techniques for robust plant growth and vitality

Seed Starting Success

Unlock the secrets to a bountiful harvest with successful seed starting techniques

Watch the Replay of the Gardening Design Workshop

The event will be recorded and available for replay anytime for both in-person attendees as well as those signing up for the virtual pass!

Gardening Design Workshop Replay

$ 35
  • Garden Planning Instruction
  • Learn Soil Health Strategies
  • Seed Starting Mastery
  • Discover Ideal Planting Tecniques
  • Learn the Essential Gardening Tools
  • Access to the Event Replay

Frequently Asked Questions

In this workshop, you’ll learn essential techniques for designing and planning your garden, mastering soil health, and successfully starting seeds. We’ll cover personalized garden planning, soil enrichment strategies, and seed starting secrets to help you create and maintain a thriving garden.

Whether you’re a novice gardener looking to start your first garden or an experienced gardener seeking to refine your skills, this workshop is designed for gardeners of all levels. Our expert instruction and comprehensive content cater to a wide range of gardening experience levels.

No special equipment or materials are required to participate in this workshop. However, we recommend having pen and paper handy for note-taking during the session. Additionally, if you’re attending the in-person workshop, you may want to bring along any gardening tools or materials you have questions about.