The Perio Disease Kit



The Perio Disease Kit is comprised of four separate supplements to help aid in the treatment of periodontal disease.

  1. Bac/Stat Liquid -Helps decrease periodontal disease and bleeding gums when taken consistently, and especially when paired with good oral hygiene and regular cleanings.
  2. CoQ 10 Support -Suppresses periodontal inflammation and increases wound healing following a deep cleaning. Supports healthy bone levels and decreases inflammation.
  3. Lipo Vit CHelps form a healthy inflammatory response, aids in wound healing, and it also aids in the formation of new gums, bone and collagen. Vitamin C also helps decrease your risk of periodontal disease.

  4. Vita D 10,000 + Vita K -Decreases your risk of periodontal disease, helps your gums recover after a “deep” periodontal cleaning, decreases bleeding gums, improves gut health, and helps build new strong bone. Vitamin D + K also dramatically decreases the risk of implant failure due to periodontal disease.