The Post Surgery Supplement Kit



The Post Surgery Supplement Kit is comprised of five separate supplements that are designed to help you heal quickly after a dental surgery.

  1. Tooth/Bone Formula – A unique blend of highly absorbable vitamins and minerals that helps your bones and teeth to heal after surgery.
  2. Lipo Vit CCritical in the formation of new gums, bone and collagen, which are all essential after any oral surgery because it helps form a healthy inflammatory response and aids in wound healing.
  3. Omega Boost – Strengthens the immune system and decreases inflammation – which will eliminate or highly decrease your need for over the counter anti-inflammatory painkillers after surgery.

  4. Vita D 10,000 + Vit KIncreases the chance of implant success and helps give your body the foundation it needs to heal properly after dental surgery. Not having enough Vitamin D is associated with up to a 300% increase in dental implant failure rate, while also increasing dental – related complications after surgery.