Self-Sufficient Living



Self-Sufficient Living: A 12 Step Guide to Help You Gain Security by Learning How to Provide for Yourself

As a society, we are very DEPENDENT on governments and supply chains and businesses and systems that we have no control over. The recent pandemic highlighted just how precarious and dangerous that dependence can be.

This leads to…

  • Insecurity
  • Fear
  • Scarcity

…and lack. That’s not Living Well.

Join Dr. Michelle as she teaches you a more secure, more fulfilling, more UN-DEPENDENT life in 12 simple steps. That’s Living Well.

We have more information than any other time in recorded history, yet we are less prepared and self-sufficient than ever. Skills that were once common knowledge have been lost. Skills that were passed from generation to generation have been deemed old-fashioned or outdated. Relearn all you need to know for a Self Sufficient Life!

Living Well is all about Living a Healthier Life.

This health comes from taking control of your little corner of the world . . . that is what Self-Sufficient Living is all about.