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Get Instant Access for Just $7! (Normally $14)

The Unfortunate Truth About Traditional Dentistry

Most traditional dentistry follows a repetitive pattern, commonly known as drill, fill, bill . . .  and repeat.

The focus is almost entirely on managing the immediate dental problem –

and too often overlooking the root cause that gives rise to these issues.

On top of that, questions have arisen regarding the potential effects of dental materials on your overall health and well-being.

This has resulted in a decline in confidence among the public…

…as well as within the dental community…

…regarding numerous aspects of dentistry.  These include…

  • The material that is used in fillings and other dental restorations
  • The inclusion of fluoride and other chemicals in toothpaste, mouthwash, and other dental products
  • The effect that dental treatment may have on the rest of our bodies that may not happen right away

If you can relate, then this book will be a breath of fresh air…

At the young age of 39, I found myself on the verge of retiring from dentistry!

It wasn’t due to a lack of passion for my work…

…my health had deteriorated to the point where I physically couldn’t continue.

After an exhaustive search for answers, I uncovered the shocking truth:

I was suffering from mercury toxicity…

Yes, that’s right, mercury—the same toxic substance found in thermometers.

Years of removing “silver” (mercury) fillings had taken its toll…

… and I had unwittingly ingested so much mercury that it was wreaking havoc on my well-being!

With a diagnosis and proper treatment for my mercury toxicity, I began questioning everything I had been taught about dentistry.

This marked the start of my personal journey toward a natural and transparent approach to dental care.

In my book, you’ll delve into:

  1. The true causes of cavities and natural ways to prevent them!
    No need for fluoride or harmful chemicals. Just practical, nutrition-based guidance accessible to everyone.
  2. The secrets to healing teeth naturally!
    Not every instance of tooth decay is destined to become a cavity.
  3. Revolutionary methods for treating dental issues without compromising your overall well-being.
    You can safeguard your teeth without jeopardizing your health. Allow me to guide you through the process.
  4. The Link Between Dental Problems and Chronic Diseases
    Explore the connection between oral health and overall well-being. Gain insights into how dental issues can contribute to chronic diseases and discover holistic strategies to address them effectively.

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Get Instant Access for Just $7! (Normally $14)

What Other Readers Are Saying About This Book...

Enjoyed the read!

I enjoyed reading the information! I was looking for updated dental treatments and options for root canals . . . now I know there are many options available and I learned more ways to care for the teeth. I certainly wish I had this I gotten this information years ago for myself and family!


Wish I'd have had this information years and years ago.

My kids even liked this book. My 7th-grade girl read the whole thing…. This has all the information that anyone wanting to practice perfect oral health. At any age this is useful…. but what a gem if you have small kids and can avoid the landmines so typical (and often harmful) in today’s dentistry.


Rethinking our path to good mouth health

It is shocking that in this modern age, so many dentists and other health practitioners don’t understand or care about the mouth-health and body-health connection. We are in a “fix-it” mode where we work on eliminating the symptoms but do not treat the cause. Dr. Jorgensen’s book gives a no-nonsense, practical way to achieve mouth-health which is closely related to mouth health. It should be required reading for all.

Richard Crook

Starts In Your Mouth

Explains how caring for your teeth is caring for your body and caring for your body is caring for your teeth. Years of experience and research by actual practicing dentist who rolled her lifetime of acquired knowledge into an easy to read book for dental patients and dental and general health providers. Thank you Dr. Jorgensen for being our family dentist.

Cary B. Son

Really Informative book about your mouth

This was the most informative book about the mouth that I have ever read and I have been a nurse for over 30 years. Loved her as a teacher with so many great stories to help us understand. This book is worth every penny and I too wish I could learn more from her! This book has the potential to change your life – get it.

Joyce Winter

Solves a lot of Mystery!

Very informative! I was sad to finish the book, because I enjoyed learning so much. This dentist has really gone the extra mile to find answers to the mouth-body connection. A must-read for anyone experiencing dental or health problems!

Laura Snow

Your Path to Holistic Dental Wellness Starts Here

Leave behind the doubts and learn natural, transparent, and healthy ways of caring for your dental health. Let “Healthy Mouth, Healthy You” be your trusted companion on this journey.

HMHY book collage

For a limited time, we’re offering an exclusive 50% discount on the digital edition of “Healthy Mouth, Healthy You.” Take advantage of this special offer and secure your copy for just $7.