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So, Why Did I Write a

Book About Dentistry?

I get it,  a book about teeth doesn’t sound real exciting to read… but this book isn’t just about dentistry . . .

Its About the Problems In Dentistry and how they affect your health.

And if you have been frustrated with conventional dentistry – you know what I mean…

…the Drill and Fill and Bill Method of Treatment…

…this book will be a breath of fresh air.

I had always wanted to be a dentist.  My dad and three of my brothers are dentists! (it’s what our family does)

But I was nearly forced to retire from dentistry at 39 years old!

It wasn’t because I didn’t like my job…

…I was so sick that I physically couldn’t do it anymore. 

After months of searching for the source of my health problems, I discovered I had mercury toxicity…

That’s right, mercury… the toxic stuff that’s used in thermometers.

Years of removing “silver” (mercury) fillings from patients teeth had taken its toll…

I had ingested so much mercury that it was literally making me sick!

I was diagnosed and was able to get treatment for my mercury toxicity…but it made me start to question dentistry and what I had been taught.

WHY have dentists been placing these "silver" mercury fillings for so long?

What other dental procedures are impacting our whole body health?

And that’s why I wrote this book.

I Don't Want to be JUST Be a Tooth Fixer...

…I want to help my patients LIVE WELL and never get a cavity again!

In my book I give an open, honest view about…

  • The materials and procedures in dentistry that are dangerous to health
  • What chronic diseases are caused by or contributed to by dental problems
  • How you can change your diet to improve your dental and overall health

…and how to prevent problems and heal from disease.

I have patients that travel from across the country (and some from out of the country) just to visit my dental practice and get our unique, holistic approach to treatment.

Our team has been able to help thousands of patients with chronic health issues find the root cause of their health problems.

Healthy Mouth, Healthy You is Your Guide to Holistic Dental Treatment

It’s easy to read…

…and easy to understand! (No dental jargon, I promise)

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Just $9.97 plus shipping (Normally $19.97)

What Other Readers Are Saying About This Book...

Enjoyed the read!

I actually enjoyed reading the information! I was looking for updated dental treatments and options for root canals when I discovered the book. I guess I’ve been taken in because I thought my dentist knew the best care for teeth. But now I know there are many options available and I learned more ways to care for the teeth. I certainly wish I had this I gotten this information years ago for myself and family!


Helpful & interesting. Wish I'd have had this information years and years ago.

My kids even liked this book. My 7th grade girl read the whole thing…. and I am glad because she is on the same page as me now. This has all the information that anyone wanting to practice perfect oral health. At any age this is useful…. but what a gem if you have small kids and can avoid the landmines so typical (and often harmful) in today’s dentistry.


Rethinking our path to good mouth health

It is shocking that in this modern age, so many dentists and other health practitioners don’t understand or care about the mouth-health and body-health connection. We are in a “fix-it” mode where we work on eliminating the symptoms but do not treat the cause. Dr.. Jorgensen’s book gives a no-nonsense, practical way to achieve mouth-health which is closely related to mouth health. It should be required reading for all; most especially dental professionals. Our dental schools teach only how to fix problems, but sadly, not how to prevent them.

Richard Crook

Starts In Your Mouth

Explains how caring for your teeth is caring for your body and caring for your body is caring for your teeth. Years of experience and research by actual practicing dentist who rolled her lifetime of acquired knowledge into an easy to read book for dental patients and dental and general health providers. Thank you Dr. Jorgensen for being our family dentist.

Cary B. Son

Really Informative book about your mouth

This was the most informative book about the mouth that I have ever read and I have been a nurse for over 30 years.. Loved her as a teacher with so many great stories to help us understand. This book is worth every penny and I too wish I could learn more from her! This book has the potential to change your life – get it.

Joyce Winter

Solves a lot of Mystery!

Very informative! I was sad to finish the book, because I enjoyed learning so much. This dentist has really gone the extra mile to find answers to the mouth-body connection. A must-read for anyone experiencing dental or health problems!

Laura Snow

What Patients Are Saying About Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

They take time to get to know you and gear their dental work for your specific needs. I really love the holistic approach they have.
Tracy H.

Dr. Jorgensen and her staff are way ahead of anything I have ever experienced in any dental office. They truly care about the whole person!

I have never seen such advanced diagnostic equipment and expertise. She has a great team and I feel very blessed to have found her!
Jennifer M

Get Your Copy Now...

…and learn how your teeth, dental health, and past dental work may be impacting your entire body.

Just $9.97 plus shipping (Normally $19.97)

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