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Real Food for Real Families now for

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Real food for real families ebook transparent
Real food for real families ebook transparent

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…and take back your health and feed your family the way they deserve WITHOUT sacrificing your career, productive, or family time!

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This is NOT JUST

Another Recipe Book...

Let’s clear that up right away   🙂

Real Food for Real Families is more like a Master Class in how to…

  • Cook healthy food that your family will ACTUALLY eat!

  • Save time and money (and reduce stress) by meal planning and prepping ahead of time

  • Make family meals in 30 minutes or less and what techniques and appliances you need to make it possible


Plus there are recipes, cooking instructions, meal plans, and shopping lists to help you on your journey. 

This is MY SYSTEM for how I plan and prepare healthy meals for my own family.

I came up with this system out of necessity…

For the last 25 years I’ve been a practicing dentist, a business owner…

…AND a wife and mother of four kids, two dogs, a couple goats, and a bunch of chickens. 

Early on in my career my life was out of control . . .  I was figuring out how to run a business and be a mom.  It felt like I could never keep up with our crazy schedule. 

I had to find ways to save time and make food in a hurry, so I turned to…

  • Prepackaged foods
  • Frozen foods
  • Boxes and bags and mixes

…and getting take out and going out to eat several times a week.

It worked. I saved time but…

…my health AND my families’ health suffered.

I realized that eating fast and prepackaged food wasn’t healthy…

…and it wasn’t what I wanted for my family.

That’s why I came up with the Real Food for Real Families System

I spent the last 10 years figuring it out – and it’s been a process of trial and error…

I’ve tried (and quit) just about everything.

Over the last ten years I’ve purchased…

  • Multiple pre-made meal bags and meal delivery services
  • Dozens of recipe books (most that I wouldn’t buy again)
  • Loads of expensive ingredients that went to waste in the fridge 


The things I learned through this trial and error helped me create a system that ACTUALLY works to make quick, healthy foods for my family that don’t break the bank…

…and that is what this book is all about!

Real food for real families ebook transparent

Get Your Copy Now...

…and get started on your journey to healthy food in the time you have today.

On Sale For Just $7 for a Limited time!

What Karen Ziemer, Founder of Holistic Health Educators, HHP, TNC, HHC, says about the Real Food for Real Families System

As an international educator and Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, I see the frustration people have with their health every day… 

I also notice their blood pressure rise just by thinking about changing their diet or making homemade meals for themselves or their families!

Questions like, “What do I eat, where do I get it, and how do I make healthier food?” is at the core of my clients’ needs and desire for change.

However, it can often seem too overwhelming and too big of a challenge for many of them. Sadly, some give up before they even start.

As I travel North America and present on cellular health and natural healing remedies, I could not be more excited to have Dr. Michelle’s book as a reference! 

Real Food for Real Families is the PERFECT place for people to start when they are looking to bring a healthier balance to their lives through food. 

Michelle is already a recognized and engaging author, so to read this book chock-full of recipes, how-to’s, and personal stories about food was a sweet treat! (Pun intended!)

Dr. Michelle offers her readers much more than a fantastic flavor chart (which I am permanently hanging in my spice pantry forever)…

…as each chapter is loaded with practical tools like menus, prepping tips, shopping lists, mouthwatering recipes, and real food hacks. She truly simplifies the transition from store bought foods to “homemade-ish” meals to fully homemade meals.

The educator inside of me loves that she shares health tid-bits along the way. You will find answers to… 

  • What causes diabetes and blood sugar issues
  • What your appetite does
  • Which foods cause (and reverse) inflammation in the body


…and even how to modify a recipe to fit your dietary needs!

The captivating pictures throughout the book will have your salivary glands working overtime, and I believe you will relate to and enjoy her personal challenges and successes. If you don’t already love Dr. Michelle, you certainly will by the end of this book!

I’ve walked through Michelle’s appetizing, delicious, luscious gardens (you try picking one word to describe it once you have seen it!)… 

…and have been in her home kitchen and know her as much more than my dentist – she is a dear colleague and friend. She is a woman of great integrity and truly lives what she teaches.

YES, she has fresh fruit on the counter, chopped up veggies in the fridge, and her crockpot and rice cooker busy on her counter. She also has a healthy happy husband and kids that love her food!

You found the one book you need to start enjoying real food. It’s perfect for the real single or the real family.

Karen Ziemer HHP, TNC, HHC, MOM

Founder of Holistic Health Educators

Author of LIVE With Energy: Stop Disease Before it Stops You

Author of Living in RAWALITY: A Cookbook for the Living and the Dead (Living and dead food that is!)

Real food for real families ebook transparent
Real food for real families ebook transparent

Get Your Copy Now...

…and get started on your journey to healthy food in the time you have today.

On Sale For Just $7 For a Limited Time!