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…and start healing your teeth from the inside!

The Tooth Remineralization Kit

Tooth/Bone Formula & Vita D 10,000 + Vita K

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Heal Your Teeth From the INSIDE…

During my early years as a dentist, I hated when my patients had new cavities, visit after visit. 

They were frustrated, I was frustrated, and I didn’t have answers for what was going on. 

They promised that they had been brushing…

…they tried their best to floss and come see me every 6 months…

…and STILL they kept getting cavities.

After seeing this happen over and over with my patients I figured there had to be a way to…. 

  • Strengthen the Teeth 
  • Heal Cavities
  • Prevent Future Decay

…and STOP the endless cycle of drilling and filling.

I searched but there wasn’t a healthy and  effective product on the market that I could recommend to my patients that would accomplish these goals.

That’s why I first came up with my Remineralizing Tooth Powder.

Remineralizing tooth powder works by remineralizing and healing the teeth from the outside with hydroxyapatite… 

The tooth powder stops plaque from sticking to the teeth, and provides the teeth with the building blocks needed to remineralize and heal on the outside.

But healing teeth on the outside is only half of the equation….

Our teeth are living and are fed by small blood vessels that come from our jaw.  These small blood vessels go into the pulp (or nerve) of our teeth, and they provide nutrition and nourishment from the inside.

Our teeth CAN heal and remineralize from the inside…

…if we are providing our body the proper building blocks to heal.

Those who keep getting cavities (DESPITE their efforts to clean the outside) often need to supplement their diet to make sure their teeth are getting fed enough…

  • Vitamins,
  • Minerals, and
  • Nutrients

…ON THE INSIDE in order for their body to remineralize and heal their teeth. 

The body will use these minerals first, so cavities show up when there is even a slight deficiency.

That’s why I created my Tooth & Bone Formula and Vitamin D3/K2 supplements.

Tooth & Bone Formula

My tooth and bone formula is a unique blend of highly absorbable vitamins and minerals formulated to support remineralization of the enamel and prevention of cavities. 

This supplement includes:

  • Chelated forms of zinc
  • copper
  • Manganese

This is exactly what your body needs to  build strong, cavity resistant teeth, remineralize enamel, as well as building strong bone after dental surgeries.

Vita D 10,000 + Vita K

Vitamin D3 + K2 aids in remineralization of the enamel and is key in building healthy, cavity-resistant teeth and a strong jaw bone. 

(It’s also essential for optimal gut health and for building a strong, balanced immune system.)  

Many people already take a vitamin D3 supplement…

…but if it does not include vitamin K2, calcium cannot properly be absorbed into the teeth and bones. 

Vitamin D grabs the calcium out of the blood and Vit K2 puts it into the tooth cells.

This supplement provides: 

  • 10,000 IU of vitamin D3 per serving
  • two highly bioavailable forms of vitamin K, as K1 and K2. 

This vitamin D3 + K2 formula boasts superior absorption and helps maintain proper immune system function.

It also supports healthy prostate, colon, breast tissue, gut health, and is especially essential for healthy & strong teeth and gums.

Get Your Remineralization Kit Today!

…and start healing and remineralizing your teeth from the inside!

The Tooth Remineralization Kit

Tooth/Bone Formula & Vita D 10,000 + Vita K

Just $73.00 + Shipping

Frequently Asked Questions:

The outside of the tooth is made of enamel.  This is a crystalline structure full of minerals.  Acid on the teeth will dissolve these minerals and leave holes where the minerals are pulled out.  

Where does this acid come from?  It can be from your food itself, like lemon juice and soda.  It can also be from the bacteria that live in the plaque on your teeth. They eat sugar too, and then excrete acid that dissolves these minerals.  

When the holes are made in the tooth, the bacteria and plaque are able to get deeper in the tooth, excrete more acid, and make a bigger hole.  This is a cavity.  A hole in the tooth that’s full of bacteria.  

These supplements add minerals back to the teeth, essentially filling the holes back up again.  The more minerals you have available, the better your body is able to heal the teeth.  This means cavities stop getting bigger, the tooth becomes more resistant to these acid attacks, and you stop getting cavities altogether.

I recommend the remineralization kit supplements to anyone who has a history of cavities, fillings or tooth decay.  Once you’ve had a cavity or filling once you are much more likely to have one again.

Also, any children or teens who have signs of decalcification or early cavities would also benefit from these supplements to make sure the teeth are strong and the teeth have an opportunity to heal before these early decalcifications turn into large cavities.

Anyone who is in braces would also benefit from these supplements as having braces on your teeth tends to make you higher risk for cavities and tooth decay.

These supplements are Vitamins and minerals which are essential for the health of our teeth as well as our whole body health – so there’s no reason that you have to stop taking them.  If you’ve always had problems with your teeth then you may benefit from using these supplements regularly.

If after taking these supplements you find that all of your visits to your dentist are better and you are no longer getting early signs of cavities and decalcification on your teeth, you can begin to slow down the supplements and evaluate how your next dental visit and check up goes.

Yes these are great for kids and teens, but in lower quantities.  These are adult dose supplements.  If your child is half the size of an adult, use half the amount.

If you’ve already purchased the remineralization tooth powder, that’s great!  Using the remineralization tooth powder is the most important step. Removing plaque and effectively cleaning the teeth and giving your teeth the building blocks to remineralize form the outside is essential.

I recommend EVERYONE use the tooth powder as part of their daily oral hygiene plan.

For those who are at higher risk of cavities and have a history of tooth decay should also use the Tooth Remineralization supplements in combination with the tooth powder.  The tooth remineralization kit supplies essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to the body so that you can more effectively strengthen the enamel, and heal the teeth from the inside as well.

Developed by a dentist that cares about your WHOLE body health (not just your teeth!)

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen nearly lost her health and career due to mercury poisoning – from drilling out “silver” fillings!

This sent her on a quest to find the materials and procedures in dentistry that may be dangerous to health, and to learn how to prevent problems as well as find root cause solutions to disease.

After years of in-the-trenches work, she used her expertise in dentistry and as a naturopath to create these supplements for her patients and her family.

Get Your Remineralization Kit Today!

…and start healing and remineralizing your teeth from the inside!

The Tooth Remineralization Kit

Tooth/Bone Formula & Vita D 10,000 + Vita K

Just $73.00 + Shipping