Living Well With Dr. Michelle
Free Resources & Guides

In these downloadable guides, you’ll find valuable and actionable information on a variety of topics.  These guides represent hours of research on some of my favorite topics . . . and I’ve summarized that information in these guides that are easy to read and understand.

Say goodbye to gut health issues – take our FREE assessment to unveil the natural, drug-free methods for effective treatment.

Learn how to HEAL your teeth and avoid cavities for life! Learn what foods and supplements help to promote rebuilding of your teeth.

The 30 Minute Meal Formula

Learn how to create fast AND HEALTHY meals for your family that actually help you feel good! (and in just 30 minutes or less)

Introduction to Fermentation

Learn why fermentation is one of the MOST BENEFICIAL methods of food preparation . . . and why its mostly overlooked today

The Digestive Health Guide

Our gut plays a bigger role in our health than most realize . . . learn more about  why you might be having gut issues and how to fix them naturally.

Gardening How To's Guide

Learn how to garden, wherever you live, working with nature  . . . and WITHOUT a lot of work.

How to Live Life Without Refrigeration

If the power went out, what would you do to prevent your food from spoiling? It is possible to live without refrigeration . . . learn these skills that have been forgotten in our modern society.

6 Tips For a Successful Garden

Learn the art of planting, spacing, thinning, watering, pest control, and maintenance, as Dr. Michelle shares her invaluable tips and techniques. This guide will empower you to turn your gardening aspirations into a reality.

5 Simple Keys to the Healthy Mouth Healthy You Diet

Learn how to have a healthy mouth, teeth and gums naturally through choosing mouth friendly foods.