“I am having wonderful results using Remineralizing Tooth Powder! I now have shiny clean white teeth. No cavities or other issues discovered during my dental checkup this month! Love this product!”

– Ryan S. – Remineralizing Tooth Powder Customer

Classic Remineralization Bundle

Superior Cleaning, Whitening, and Eco-Friendly !

All Natural Tooth Powder & Mouth Wash Promotes for Healthy Teeth, Healthy Gums, and Fresher Breath

Unlock the benefits of Dr. Michelle’s fluoride-free oral care line, featuring hydroxyapatite and silver-infused toothpowder for fortified teeth and our mouthwash enriched with healing herbs.

Targeting bad bacteria, dry mouth, cavities, gum health, and more, our natural ingredients offer comprehensive oral protection for a radiant smile.

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“I am having wonderful results using Remineralizing Tooth Powder! I now have shiny clean white teeth. No cavities or other issues discovered during my dental checkup this month! Love this product!”

– Ryan S. – Remineralizing Tooth Powder Customer

Healthier Than Toothpaste For Your Teeth & Your Body

Remineralize Your Teeth With Hydroxyapatite

  • Naturally whitens teeth and strengthens gums
  • Helps to rebuild the enamel in teeth
  • Stops and prevents tooth decay
  • Eliminates tooth sensitivity

Combining the powerful effects of hydroxyapatite and bentonite clay with healing essential oils, this tooth powder helps to rebuild the enamel in a tooth.

With daily use, it may stop and prevent tooth decay, eliminate tooth sensitivity, naturally whiten teeth and strengthen gums . . . with only healthy, natural ingredients you feel good about!

Remineralizing Tooth Powder is Better Than Tooth Paste and the Research Confirms It.

100% Natural Ingredients

Ingredients made from nature

The remineralizing tooth powder contains:

  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Xylitol
  • Bentonite
  • Hydroxyapatite
  • Mentha Viridis (Spearmint) Leaf Oil
  • Gaultheria Procumbens (Wintergreen) Leaf Oil
  • Plantain (Plantago Major) Leaf Extract

A Healthier Mouthwash Without Any Harmful Chemicals, Alcohol or Negative Side Effects

Precision-targeted benefits for fresher breath and stronger, healthier teeth and gums.

Instructions For Use:

After brushing your teeth, swish a small amount of mouthwash around the gums, over and through the teeth for 30 seconds. Spit out and do not rinse.

Natural & Healthy Ingredients

This all-natural mouthwash contains

  • 10 ppm Silver Soltuion
  • Hydroxyapatite
  • Xylitol
  • Plantain Extract
  • Calendula Extract
  • Marshmallow Extract
  • Lavender Oil
  • Peppermint Oil (in Mint formula only)
  • Wild Orange Oil (in Citrus formula only)
  • Tangerine Oil (in Citrus formula only)
  • Vanilla Extract (in Citrus formula only)

Developed by a dentist that cares about your WHOLE body health (not just your teeth!)


Dr. Michelle Jorgensen nearly lost her health and career due to mercury poisoning – from drilling out “silver” fillings.

This sent her on a quest to find the materials and procedures in dentistry that may be dangerous to health, and to learn how to prevent problems as well as find root cause solutions to disease.

After years of in-the-trenches work, she used her expertise in dentistry and as a naturopath to create an all-natural alternative to toothpaste for herself and her family that everyone can use.


Better Than Toothpaste and the Research Confirms It

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I have used the mouth wash for a month and I love it. I love the taste that it leaves in my mouth. It’s not too strong but still refreshing and love how it has clean ingredients and doesn’t burn. This has stopped my search for clean mouth wash. So happy.

Amanda R. – Remineralizing Mouthwash Customer

Classic Remineralization Bundle

$40.97 or subscribe and save 10%

Never Run Out Again! Sign Up For a Subscription Plan and Save 10% on Every Order

Frequently Asked Questions

After brushing your teeth with the tooth powder, wait 3-5 minutes before rinsing with the mouthrinse. It also has hydroxyapatite so it will just add to the benefit. 

This is a mineral complex that your tooth enamel is made of. It can help rem i neralize (or replace minerals) in teeth, but is also good for gum health. Research shows it to: 

  1. Better than fluoride for remineralization, reducing sensitivity and whitening of teeth.
  2. Prevents demineralization in teeth, which can reduce cavity formation.
  3. Comparable to Chlorhexidine (the standard rinse for gum disease) in reducing the sticky plaque (biofilm) on teeth
  4. Creates a protective layer on the tooth that prevents bacteria from sticking.

Silver nano particles provide multiple benefits in this formula. 

  1. They help increase the remineralization effect of the Hydroxyapatite because they help the minerals get into the biofilm on the teeth where they can then get into the tooth.
  2. They decrease the acidity in the biofilm and reduce the chance for tooth decay.
  3. They are extremely effective antimicrobials and have been shown to be comparable to the industry gold standard of Chlorhexidine in treating gum disease, however in much lower concentrations and without the cytotoxic side effects of chlorhexidine.
  4. They can help reduce inflammation and reduce healing time around dental surgical sites.
  1.  Xylitol can not be consumed by bacteria, so it does not act as a food source. The bacteria can not thrive in the presence of xylitol.
  2. It acts as a saliva stimulant for dry mouth and helps deliver minerals to the teeth.
  3. It can prevent tooth decay and help remineralize early cavities.

Plantain Extract 

Plantain Extract can help with wound healing, preventing mouth sores, relieve inflammation and pain in the gums and fight bacteria in the mouth.

Calendula Extract 

Calendula Extract improves health of the gums by reducing inflammation, bleeding and gum and bone loss.

Marshmallow Extract 

Marshmallow Extract binds to the gum tissue to protect against damage. It soothes and decreases symptoms of dry mouth.

Lavender Oil 

Lavender Oil Is a good antimicrobial and fights many things, including candida in the mouth. It relieves pain and is useful for healing and soothing mouth sores.

Peppermint Oil 

Peppermint oil is an antiseptic to help keep the mouth free of bad microbes. It also reduces bad breath.

Wild Orange Oil 

Wild Orange oil is packed with antioxidants. It also supports digestion and cleanses the body.

Tangerine Oil 

Tangerine oil is antiseptic and has anti-fungal, antibacterial and wound-healing properties

Vanilla Extract 

Vanilla Extract has antioxidants which provide anti­inflammatory and calming properties for the gums and mouth.

This is more than a mouthwash. It will calm and heal gum tissue, prevent plaque buildup for healthier teeth and gums, remineralize teeth, and freshen the breath! 

One bottle will last 30-60 days depending on the amount used. 

Yes, when you combine the mouthwash and tooth powder you get the best combination of superior tooth cleaning action with the right rinse for a healthy mouth, healthy gums and teeth, as well as fresh breath. 

Recommended use is 1-2 times per day after brushing. 

If you don’t rinse with water after using, the ingredients will I continue to help your teeth and gums for a longer period of time.

Yes, all of the ingredients in the mouth wash are safe to swallow. It is not recommended to swallow large quantities, as it might cause stomach discomfort. 

Yes, the mouth wash is safe for children. 

Yes! This mouthwash is safe during pregnancy but always consult your doctor before using. 

Yes, this is great to help keep crowns and veneers plaque and decay free. 

Yes, this is a great way to keep the teeth clean.

Yes, all products are vegan sourced. 

Yes, it’s been proven to be as effective in treating gum disease as the leading prescription rinse. 

Yes, it’s great for use with braces.


This Bundle Includes the following:

  • Remineralizing Tooth Powder (Cool Mint)
  • Remineralizing Mouth Wash (Cool Mint)

67 reviews for Classic Remineralization Bundle

  1. Michelle K. (Verified Purchaser)

    Has a great taste and your mouth feels so clean after using. Will definitely purchase again.

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  2. Chad Simerson (Verified Purchaser)

    Great products, just starting the regimen so don’t have results to show yet, but my mouth feels great using them!

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    So far we like the products. The price is a bit steep, but we are hoping to heal our cavities with the help of the products.

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    I have to admit I was not sure about using a Tooth Powder at First but after trying it I have to say I’m
    Impressed! My Teeth feel
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    Phenomenal is the word I’d use to describe the tooth powder,I would like to have taken before & after of teeth but hopefully my words ring true to anyone reading this. I’m new at being healthy conscience dental wise and my teeth were starting to stain really bad and that was upsetting, then I saw your heaven sent product, I’m a heavy smoker but day one,a shade difference came off, day three stains started coming off by now of a week and a half I LOVE MY SMILE!!! Thank you

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    Great products! Really like the taste and the clean ingredients. Too soon to know, but I’m hoping this will help with my receding gumline 😊

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    I’m a dental hygienist and I’m loving your products.

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    We went to the dentist and my daughter had 2 teeth that were starting to chip away due to loss of minerals. I panicked a little and had her start using the toothpaste daily instead of occasionally and it stopped all chipping. My other daughter loves the mouthwash because it doesn’t sting. A big success at our house!

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    Tastes great! I love the fresh minty taste of the mouth wash.

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    Tooth powder does a real good job. Have been using it for about a year. Tastes good and teeth are a lot whiter. Mouth wash tastes good and complements the tooth powder really well.

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    The package arrived quickly, which is impressive since so many companies have trouble shipping to Hawaii! The mouthwash is great and not overpowering like some that I have tried. Very fresh and clean. I am getting used to the tooth powder and hope that I will reap the benefits of the remineralization component. I am glad I took the chance purchasing these products.

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  23. Brenda Poelstra

    I’ve used the tooth powder for a year and the mouthwash for 6 months. In May my dental hygienist still found “sticky” places on my teeth along the gum line. That’s not uncommon as that’s where most of my new cavities are. But last week for my 6 month cleaning, I was shocked that she couldn’t find any “sticky” spots and said there was really nothing for her to do! She said my gums looked perfect and there were no problem areas that I needed to give more attention. I think it must be due to the mouthwash. I’ve been doing everything imaginable to improve my dental health, water flossing, interdental brushing, and sonicare tooth brushing, and now the tooth powder and mouthwash from Dr. Michelle. I’m 69 so my teeth have seen better days, but now maybe they will last a little longer! Thanks Dr. Michelle!

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    I already know I love the tooth powder but OMG the mouthwash is the best of the best and combined is Amaziing!! I’ll make a video about it, bc its soo good! Had my bf try it for the first time, he said “I feel the same, using this or the others-meaning super fresh. BUT!! Nobody can beat the ingredients of this product, soo natural, only necessary stuff, your mouth, your health is better bc of these, so Buy it! For you, your kids, your kids kids….

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    Its a good product

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    My dentist recommended brushing my teeth with a product containing hydroxyapatite. I remembered listening to an interview with Dr Michelle. So I searched your website to see if Dr Michelle had anything to say about it. I was so glad to see that you had tooth powder and mouth wash containing hydroxyapatite and only clean, good ingredients. I’m so glad I tried them. My teeth and mouth feel so clean and my sensitive areas don’t hurt anymore. I can’t wait for my next cleaning appointment to see the improvement in the health of my teeth. I also appreciate that they are packaged in glass. Thank you so much!

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  28. Chris M. (Verified Purchaser)

    love your product

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    While I cant yet say how the remineralizing works, the toothpaste and mouthwash have so far been great. Very minty and my teeth feel cleaner when using Living Well vs any other natural brand.

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    I bought this for me and my husband and we LOVE it! Makes my teeth feel so clean and I love knowing that I am helping to remineralize my teeth and create good microbiome in my mouth! I have already suggested this toothpaste and mouth rinse to multiple friends and family.

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    I’ve been waiting for a Dentist to Crack the DS code. The products have helped tremendously. Excellent product that does what is says it’s going to do. Excellent service from her office, regarding re-stock.

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    Extremely Happy With My Purchase!

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    works great already see the difference

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    I tried a different natural tooth “paste” after using the cool mint powder and couldn’t wait to go back to Dr. Michelle’s powder. I am this combination will be a key component in cavity prevention for me. The mouthwash tastes great and the combo of the two leaves my mouth feeling really refreshed and clean.

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    The tooth powder, that I had previously purchased, is working to regrow the dentin on my severely damaged teeth…I can actually see the regrowth.

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    I wish I had taken before photos! Originally I had the whitening powder in my cart until I saw the bundle. With the results I saw in my teeth, I thought for sure the bundle included the whitening powder. To my surprise it didn’t, and my teeth are so much whiter than before! I’m definitely reordering for life.

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