Healthy Mouth, Healthy You Digital eBook (Download)



Healthy Mouth Healthy You is a Holistic Dental Guide that shows how transforming your whole-body health starts in the mouth

An honest, open-minded guide to whole-body health that is written by a dentist that has been where you are.

This Book Will Change The Way You Look At Oral Care, The Topics Include:

  • New research that shows dental health is the cause or a contributor to 60-80% of all chronic diseases
  • How to avoid conventional dentistry and the drill and fill and bill method of treatment
  • The problems in dentistry today, how they are impacting your health, and what you can do to get out of the mess you are in.

Avoiding internet hype about dental health, Dr. Michelle gives straightforward advice, backed by the latest research, in a simple-to-use format.

(Format: Digital Ebook)